I know its not the same, but when a hospital cant keep its plants healthy its concerns me a little.


Maar niet met hem want je 5 -minuten-consult is voorbij.

Dating a job

I have fallen in love with a job and I don’t know if it loves me back…..

You start flipping through profiles, then you correspond. There is the pleasant yet frightening anticipation¬†for the first date, then getting to know each other over drinks. The anxious wait if the other person wants to see you again. And then finally the second date; the one that is always a bit awkward but where you are allowed to put out.¬† What you should not do is fall head over heels in love after two dates. That’s putting yourself out there too much and might end in heartbreak. Because now you feel like your world is going to end if your date doesn’t want to start a relationship based on a binding legal contract.

Grammerly – If you write anything on your computer, grammerly will —— Yes, I know, I already installed it! Can I get a cookie saying that please, so I dont get any more adds for it?!